Austrian woman sentenced for trying to overthrow the government with military's help

An Austrian woman has received a 12-yr prison sentence for sedition after trying to enlist military to cause a coup d’etat against the government in Vienna.

Monika Unger gathered up to 2,600 members ranging from anti-state individuals such as anarchists and neo-Nazis in a bid to overthrow the government in Austria.

Unger was the self-proclaimed president of her own parallel state called the “Confederation” which she set up in 2015 according to court reports in the southern Austrian city of Graz.

She set the state up because she felt she was “a victim of a system of oppression”.

Her state even ran official documentation such as passports and driving licences and banned it’s members from paying taxes to the Austrian officials.

Unger, 44, was convicted of sedition and incitement to high treason as she recruited the 2,600 members and even tried to recruit Austria’s military to help her cause.

Unger also wrote to Vladimir Putin in a desperate bid for his help.

The ‘Confederation’ was reportedly able to levy tens of thousands of euros based on its own tax system and was hoping to use this to bribe officials and raise an army.

The anti-government radical was arrested during an April 2017 operation carried out by 450 law enforcement personnel.

She was sentenced to 14 years in prison for inciting high treason in 2019, but the ruling was overturned after she appealed, triggering a new trial where she has now been sentenced to 12 years.  Global247News Twitter

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