Liberals think President Trump's numerous rallies in red states is a sign of a Biden landslide

Democrats and liberals alike have called the President’s numerous visits to what have always been Republican strongholds as ‘not a good sign for him.’

Trump’s visits to Georgia, Iowa and Ohio within 18 days of the election have instilled confidence in the blue left who believe Joe Biden will win the Presidency by a landslide come November 3rd.

They also believe Joe Biden’s unanimous polling lead in the presidential race is solid and durable.

Biden has leads or edges in all of the key states though landslide victories are something of a rarity with the last big one being in 1988 when incumbent Republican Vice President George H. W. Bush defeated Democratic Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

Democrats see flipping states like Texas and Georgia as key to a possible landslide; Texas hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1976, and Georgia since 1992. A New York Times and Siena College poll published on Tuesday found Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump tied among likely voters in Georgia.

“Until Democrats win a statewide election, we’re not a purple state,” said Brian Robinson, a Republican political consultant in Georgia. “We may be a purpling state. But until they win, this is a red state.”

To many, a commanding victory that sweeps Democrats to control of the Senate as well would set the stage for a consequential presidency, not just one that evicts Mr. Trump.

“What they’re going to need in order to move the country forward is to demonstrate that a ton of people are with him and are aligned with his agenda,” said María Teresa Kumar, chief executive officer at Voto Latino, a voter mobilization group that has endorsed Mr. Biden.

“That the people want to address climate change in a big bold way. They want to address health care in a big bold way. And they want to address education in a big bold way.”

She added: “The only way to make Republicans find a spine is if this is a massive turnout election.”

Biden’s campaign manager, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, said last week: “This race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing on Twitter and on TV would suggest.

“In the key battleground states where this election will be decided, we remain neck and neck with Donald Trump.”

Even some Republicans feel the White House and Senate will become blue.

Last week, one Republican, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, warned constituents of a possible “Republican blood bath” in November, earning the ire of the president in the process. The conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch has told friends he expects Mr. Biden to win in a landslide, according to a published report he did not deny.

The blue left have even sent constituents out to red states such as Jill Biden – wife of nominee Joe – out to Texas last week, something which has been unheard of in precedented times.

Senator Kamala Harris and her husband were also meant to rally in Georgia and Ohio, however a staff member coming down with the coronavirus halted travel plans.

And Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for Justice Democrats, which seeks to add left-wing Democrats to Congress by challenging more moderate incumbents, said his group is also happy with Biden’s current positioning.

“Lincoln was not an abolitionist, F.D.R. not a socialist or trade unionist, and L.B.J. not a civil rights activist,” Mr. Shahid said. “Three of the most transformative presidents never fully embraced the movements of their time, and yet the movements won because they organized and shaped public opinion.”

He added: “A major victory would help provide Democrats even more of a mandate to govern through the bold policy unseen since the era of F.D.R. and L.B.J.”

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