Drakeford should be in prison with his son claims Welsh anti COVID protester

The main anti lockdown & COVID campaigner in South Wales demonstrated yesterday how easy it is to flout the regulations

Campaigner Steven Thomas who campaigns daily about COVID restrictions set out yesterday to demonstrate how easy flouting Welsh lockdown regulations are.

The retired nuclear power station operator and supermarket shelf stacker, took to the streets of South Wales for his latest campaign.

Thomas, who has thousands of supporters in South Wales as he campaigns daily on his social media networks – headed to Cardiff Bay to start his latest promotion against the directives of Welsh leader Mark Drakeford.

The campaigner, who last week we reported, took to the COVID fraud line to report the Welsh leader, resides in the valley town of Bargeod – instantly flouting the law by travelling between counties as he arrived at Cardiff Bay.

At Cardiff Bay he then teamed up with one of his supporters, sharing a hug and unmasked with Chris Jacob from Cardiff.

The pair then took the Taff trail that leads from Cardiff Bay in South Glamorgan into Rhondda Cynon Taff crossing borders.

Whilst the pair walked & campaigned – they posted to their campaign channels their route as they walked across the banned border crossings to the delight of thousands of supporters.

Passing the national stadium in South Glamorgan

As supporters posted their pleasure in seeing the two flouters take to the streets of South Wales it appeared they had a very large network of those in agreement, one supporter posted: “Go on my son, show that Drakeford all this is crap!”

Another posted: ” Well done Tommy keep it going lad – demonstrate the farce all of this is”

As the pair took their county to county stroll they posted to lamp posts their latest stickers that cite the BBC for propaganda and brainwashing the public.

Latest Stickers

As the pair arrived in Rhondda Cynon Taff, entering Taffs Well where they stopped for lunch, Global247news contacted Thomas and his cohort Jacob.

Approaching RCT from South Glamorgan

“Today we are demonstrating what a complete shambles all these regulations are, whilst spreading the word not to believe the governments and BBC propaganda over this so called deadly virus”

” We have just taken a walk between the two counties safely and have not been questioned once by anyone, the regulations are a travesty, the laws are a joke, thousands are doing this everyday” said Thomas.

” Masks are muzzles to keep us quiet, but that won’t work, we will continue to fight against all these pathetic regulations”

Thomas then cheekily and sarcastically posted to his supporters:

“Walking the entire Taff Trail. First leg was Cardiff Bay to Taffs Well
Great getting out and seeing sights that I didn’t know was there.
I didn’t know there was a small hydro power Station at Radyr for starters lol.”
The pair then after lunch walked all the way to Pontypridd – where Chris Jacob caught the train back to South Glamorgan, once again flouting the border crossing laws.
Thomas said grinning: “It’s essential travel – he needs to get home”
“Next will be the circuit breaker – that won’t stop me – next week it’s Swansea to Bridgend” he finished

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