Taffs Well Man Defies Lockdown And Makes A Bunk For Crete To Avoid Circuit Breaker

A man from Taffs Well in South Wales ignores lockdown and bunks to Crete to avoid circuit breaker regulations

Whilst the Welsh government prepares today to potentially place Wales in a circuit breaking lockdown, a man from Taffs Well that sits on the border of Rhondda Cynon Taff has decided to break the local lockdown regulations and flee to Crete.

Defiant Andrew Parsells flouted regulations and “bunked” outside of Taffs Well’s lockdown restrictions, to where he is supposed  to remain in his borough of Rhondda Cynon Taff, and crossed into England to catch the flight from Bristol to Crete.

Parsells, a known rebel in the Taff Well community of many years and also a well established Wales & Cardiff City football follower, decided to take evasive action as Welsh leader Mark Drakeford sets up a total circuit breaking lockdown, according to leaked documents on Friday.

Taffs Well Flouter Parsells

Parsells, who is normally accompanied on his travels with his group known in football circles as the “Travelling Taffy Wilburys” on this occasion travelled with only one accomplice from the group, Andy Simmons, although Simmons avoided breaking the law as the ‘Coronavirus coach driver’ currently resides in Cornwall and due to his occupation of transporting infected passengers, is tested on a daily basis.

The whereabouts of the other members of the gang, Anti COVID campaigners, Steven Thomas & Chris Jacob  are currently unknown, although locals in Taffs Well are reporting Thomas remains on the campaign trail, challenging the Welsh government on every issue.

As ‘breakaway’ Parsells escaped to Crete, Global247news caught up with the lockdown flouter this morning in Crete who defiantly said:

Taffs Well Man Defies Lockdown And Makes A Bunk For Crete To Avoid Circuit Breaker

” The lockdown regulations are a farce, when the documents were leaked of a circuit breaker, I was on my toes, escaping Taffs Well was a cinch, jumped on the train at Taffs Well, headed in to Cardiff and then onto Bristol, never questioned once”

” I don’t do track and trace, thats just the governments way of following you – spies are what they are”

“It’s beautiful here in Crete – Andy and I have the whole hotel to ourselves! – it’s safer here than it is in Taffs Well thats for sure”

” I was tested on arrival at the airport, passed with flying colours and now reside in a hotel with hardly anyone in it, so why should people complain? – If they claim this virus is so bad, which I don’t believe – then that means I’m safer here”

” I have travelled away with the lads all year, we have been to Fuengirola and Benalmadena in Spain – so so safe! it’s a travesty the government of the UK have screwed them over with travel restrictions”

” We also went to Portugal just after restrictions were lifted, safe as houses again!”

” All this lockdown stuff is nonsense, if you going to catch it, you going to catch it and in the majority you just feel a little rough for a couple of days”

“Look at who’s had it, Trump, Ronaldo, Beckhams, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson – have they died, of course not” he said.

Parsells then pointed out, ” Look back in Wales its pathetic, I could travel everyday to Pontyclun legally if I went the longer route, but the shorter route – is illegal – the whole thing is a farce, a total farce”

“Well Mr Drakeford, I have just proven your lockdown procedures are a joke” finished the defiant Welshman.






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