An anti COVID-19 campaigner has reported Welsh leader Mark Drakeford for fraud.

Steven Thomas from the Welsh valleys has reported the leader of Wales for COVID fraud after the police marketed a COVID fraud campaign.

Thomas who has thousands of followers across social media channels got irate when he saw the police marketing the fraud campaign.

He firstly posted: “Yep I would like to report Mark Drakeford for wasting over £166 Million on building the field hospital inside the millennium Stadium to then rip it all down then is spending over 30 million building a covid hospital at the Heath”

How’s about that for Covid Fraud ?” he then asked.
Fan John Coleman then asked the campaign leader to report Westminster as well but Thomas replied in sarcastic tone: “Just here for wales at the moment John.”
 “If I was to mention Westminster fraud I would be typing all frigging weekend” he remarked.
Although when someone questioned the campaign leader in regards protecting the NHS – Thomas shot them down in flames with:
“Ohh shut up. Don’t give us the save the NHS bollocks again when the hospitals have been mainly empty from March.

Sorry but this is people’s livelihoods -their jobs their homes they could lose with all this bullshit.
Systematically destroying our way of life that is their aim.”
Global247news contacted Thomas this morning who told us:  ” Yes I called the number and reported him, I doubt he will get arrested though but he bloody should be”
” This is just so farcical – it’s getting far worse too as the winter approaches, It’s a total shambles”  Global247News Twitter

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