Asda threatened with closure for not following COVID regulations

Asda have been threatened with closure of one of their stores. For not following COVID regulations

Asda threatened with closure: Bridgend council has threatened an Asda supermarket with closure for failing to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

Enforcement officers have served an improvement notice to Asda supermarket in Pyle, Bridgend. Because the layout of the store did not allow people to follow social distancing.

Asda have 48 hours to make the changes required before Enforcement officers will insist on the stores closure.

Asda customers in the region have been in full complaint mode for several weeks. With some contacting the authorities and reporting the superstore.

Mary Pollock, told Global247news how she whilst being a regular user of the store felt the need to make a complaint, she said:

“I felt I had to call the council, it’s a shambles every time I visit, which some weeks can be daily”

“Nobody is going up and down the aisles in one direction and there is no social distancing whatsoever. And the staff when you complain to them just don’t care. I complained in store several times but they didn’t take a blind bit of notice. So I went to the council”

” I am really pleased the council have taken action now” Mary said.  Global247News Twitter

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