A mother has launched an appeal after the man who raped her 5-year-old daughter has not been given a jail term.

A mother has launched an appeal. After the man who raped her 5-year-old daughter has not been given a jail term.

Rapist of 5 year old fined £200: After Callum Haycock was not sent to prison the mother, who can’t be named to protect her daughter, said that their family have been “torn apart”. Earlier, Worcester Crown Court found 21-year-old Haycock guilty of the rape on 1st October. And he was sentenced to a three year community order and 35 days in rehabilitation.

Later, he was also given the order to pay his victim £2,500, fined £200 and his named have been placed on the Sex Offenders register for 5 years. After the verdict the distraught mother said that she will be appealing the sentence to the High Court. She said in a statement “I ran out of the court and slammed the door behind me.

As I walked out of the court I just shouted ‘it’s a f***ing joke’.

Additionally, she said. “I see no justice for my daughter in this. We’ve had to have counseling, it’s ruined our lives. It separated me and my partner because we both didn’t know how to deal with it. So we took it out on each other.”

Also she stated that her only consolation in this terrible time for her family is that her young daughter was extremely brave for actually testifying at the trial. And that she smiles every day and won’t let this get her down.

Subsequently, the mother continued by saying that when she told her daughter that the man has to giver her money for what he did to her. Her daughter said that she would like to give it to the poor. She finished off by saying. “The police were amazing with us and so were Witness Support. They were very supportive and patient. And they handled everything with dignity.”

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