A first of it's kind 'petrol station' is due to be constructed in the UK to support ongoing moon missions undertaken by NASA.

A first of it’s kind ‘petrol station’ is due to be constructed in the UK. To support ongoing moon missions undertaken by NASA.

First space ‘petrol station’ to be constructed in the UK: Aerospace company Thales Alenia Space will be building the refuelling station that is due to be launched into space in 2027. The station will be used to help refuel the Lunar Gateway. A space station orbiting the moon, and to serve as a scientific laboratory and communications system.

Thales Alenia Space, as a company, employs nearly 200 skilled teams of engineers. And has bases in Belfast, Oxfordshire and Bristol. Also it is just one of the UK companies that will be playing a key role in the project’s support system. The announcement of the new ‘petrol station’ comes just days after an agreement was signed. Between the UK Space Agency, NASA and other partners on Tuesday.

The agreement will lay the foundations for future space missions. It is hoped that establishing a sustainable lunar presence will ultimately be used as a “stepping stone” for the first human mission to Mars. The participation of many UK companies in the project will generate new highly skilled jobs. And create economic benefits for the country.

Later, Amanda Solloway, Science Minister, said. “Creating the first ever space fuel station on British soil is yet another example of how we are leading the world in space innovation. Especially as this incredible project will be vital for future exploration of the moon and Mars.

Also I am delighted that this game-changing technology is going to be supporting nearly 200 high skilled jobs right here in the UK. Increasing our standing as a global space power.”

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