Unemployment goes through the roof in the UK

The unemployment rate has risen to its highest level in three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s  estimated 1.5 million people were unemployed between June and August, which is 209,000 more than a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have announced.

The unemployment rate grew to 4.5% in the three months to August, compared to 4.1% in the previous months to that. The ONS added the number of UK workers on payrolls increased by 20,000 last month, but has fallen by 673,000 in total between March and September.

Jonathan Athow, deputy national statistician at the ONS, said: ‘The latest monthly tax numbers show that the number of employees on the payroll was little changed in September.

However, in total there were still nearly 700,000 fewer than in March, before the lockdown. ‘Our newly adjusted survey figures show that in the latest period almost half a million fewer people were in work than just before the pandemic, while almost 200,000 others said they were employed but were currently not working nor earning any money. ‘Since the start of the pandemic there has been a sharp increase in those out of work and job hunting but more people telling us they are not actively looking for work.

‘There has also been a stark rise in the number of people who have recently been made redundant.’

Meanwhile, George Catton from Manchester told Global247news how he’s been laid off and now finding it impossible to find employment, he said: ” I was placed on furlough first and then the HR department got in touch and I got laid off as my contract was not a permanent one, the problem now is you apply for jobs but employers are inundated with applications and often you don’t even get a sniff of an interview”









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