Serial stabber knifes 3 separate women in Belfast whilst resident feels its debt collecting tactics

A serial stabber is on the loose in Belfast as he stabs three woman in separate incidents

A man wielding a knife approaches woman on his bicycle before pulling out a blade and stabbing them.

Three separate incidents took place in Belfast last night between the hours of 8pm and 10pm as all three victims were stabbed.

Belfast police are now holding a full investigation into the incidents whilst the knifeman remains at large.

A police spokesperson said: “The first incident occurred at approximately 8.10pm on Ormeau Avenue. The second occurred at approximately 9.00pm on Donegall Square West. And the third occurred at approximately 10.00pm on University Road”

All three victims were taken to hospital with stab wounds although on this occasion none were life threatening.

Local residents in Belfast though do not feel its a serial stabber picking out random victims  and that its more related to the growing debt society in the City, Football scout Willie Donahue told his thoughts to Global247news:

“There’s a lot of black market debt in the city right now and many of us feel its related to that, the women are probably the wives of the debtors and it’s a tactic to get sums owed paid, that’s probably why none of the stabbings were fatal – a warning shot to those who owe money”

“It can be a common tactic by the underworld – attack the wife of the debtor to get dues paid” said Willie.  Global247News Twitter

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