Ex Soldier Deemed not disabled despite having arm and leg blown off in Afghanistan

Ex Royal Marine Ben McBean aged 33 has been deemed not disabled enough to have a blue disabled permit

Ben McBean, 33, had his permit taken away by Plymouth Council in 2009 when council workers saw him running the London Marathon on his prosthetic legs.

The council would not hand it back to him despite the veteran losing an arm and a leg as they were blown off by a landmine in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in 2008, when he was just 20.

Ben, father of two was flown back from the war with Prince Harry, who later described the ex-soldier was ‘a hero’.

War hero McBean, has taken to twitter to vent his frustrations.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Lost two limbs in Afghan 08! Ran the London marathon in 09! Council took my disability badge off me because I ran.

’13yrs later I’m in the same boat. Frustrating now as sometimes even though I hate to admit it. I could use it here and there just to help me out a bit. Idiots!’

He added: ‘I was having a phantom pain-riddled couple of days and it can cause flashbacks, so I don’t sleep.

‘Tired, I posted just one of the many annoying things I experience. I will apply again.’

Apparently not disabled?

In Plymouth itself, former soldier Steven Worker, who served in the Falkland Islands and Northern Ireland called it a disgrace and warns how many veterans are poorly treated after service.

Worker- now the MD of Devon Furniture Company in Plymouth said: ” Plymouth council should be hanging their heads in shame, here is a war hero who served his country and suffered the devastating effects of a land mine and they say he’s not disabled because he had the courage to go out an run the marathon, to demonstrate to all injured soldiers that life doesn’t have to be over”

“Shame on them” he said,

” Far too many former war veterans are treated like dirt after service, it’s far too common place I’m afraid not just by councils either, but by society,”

“Time and time we hear about instances where veterans in recovery are used and abused – it has to stop, many of the lads have suffered enough pain both physically and mentally with many suffering for life, they need to be treated with far more respect and not abused by society or the system”

“I’ll give you an example, I’m currently assisting a former paratrooper who served both Iraq and Afghan in many tours, he suffers with PTSD amongst other things, he volunteered for the NHS during the crisis and took a part time job, his employer still hasn’t paid him for his work 8 months later”

“It’s not on, these lads are hero’s, they protect our freedom and they should be honoured and respected not treated like filth” he stormed.


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