Drive by shooting leaves man down as hitman escapes in Telford

A drive by shooting has taken place in Telford this afternoon leaving a man down whilst hitman escapes

A hitman has carried out a drive by shooting on a business park in Telford.

Emergency services including armed police officers rushed to the scene in the Bridges Business Park in Horsehay, Telford, following the incident at around 12.10pm today.

The police have launched a hunt for a vehicle the man is suspected to have been shot from.

The man is being treated by paramedics for a gunshot wound but the full extent of his injuries are not yet known.

An air ambulance had also been reported as landing near the scene at Horsehay Village Hall by people on social media by eyewitnesses who were looking out of offices windows as the hit took place in broad daylight.

Superintendent Jim Baker said: “There is currently an increased police presence, including armed officers, in and around Horsehay as we deal with the incident.

“Our initial enquiries suggest the man has been shot at from a vehicle and we are carrying out active enquiries to locate that vehicle.”

Superintendent Baker further added: “It is a very serious incident with very serious consequences.

“We went to that address at 12.10pm at lunchtime as you describe, a male was found there with gunshot wounds, he was treated at the scene by ambulance staff but the full extent of his injuries aren’t known at this time.

“But a very serious incident with an increased police presence including armed police.”

Superintendent Baker went on to add: “There’s not a lot I can add to that other than to ask members of the public, the community that were in that vicinity around lunchtime today that if the saw any vehicles that were acting suspiciously, any vehicles making off at high speed from that area that they should call 101 and give that detail as we have patrols out there at the moment looking to identify that vehicle and its occupants and make arrests.”

Former gangland criminal Davey Saines told Global247news crime department this afternoon his thoughts:

” Only got the basic brief, but it looks like a failed hit, when doing a drive by, you have to be accurate and it’s tough if you are travelling solo, the car will have had false plates and stolen and probably torched up by now, if you get away in the first 15 to 20 minutes you normally get away with to be honest unless you get grassed up afterwards, normally though its a paid hit and silence is kept”

” I would take a guess at as its on a business park, its that way related and possibly a debt or a business feud” said the former criminal.

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