Danielle Curr of Yeovil Regarded A Total Fruit Cake After Putting Up Xmas Trimmings

Danielle Curr from Yeovil Somerset has been branded a total fruit cake after putting up her Christmas decorations in October

Residents of the small market town of Yeovil are flabbergasted by 27 year old Danielle Curr after she put up her Christmas tree and decorations in the middle of October.

Some of the bewildered residents had branded her a fruit cake due to her actions.

Whilst Christmas loving Curr told local press: ” “Christmas is the best time of the year, it’s about family and the magic of Christmas. It took us all day to put them up and we aren’t finished yet more will be going up” locals were of a totally different opinion.

Wyndham Park resident Anne Marlow who lives on the same estate as Curr said in reply to her comments, ” But its not bloody Christmas, it is October – she’s a raving fruit cake putting them up now, what example is she setting to her child?”

“I’m not having a go at her personally, I don’t know her, only by sight but who on earth puts their Christmas tree up now?”

” I feel sorry for the child it’s got a gert time to wait before Santa comes down the chimney” she finished.

Another resident from the other side of town on Larkhill Road, Amanda Symons commented “I guess there is nothing wrong with it really but I imagine she is a bit of a publicity seeker and it was her who contacted the local newspapers – personally I think Christmas starts in December and we should follow tradition”

Whilst Wendy Dunning on Preston Road shared her view in support of the early bird Christmas decorator, as she said: ” It’s been a tough year from everyone, if it assists her mental health doing something like this, so be it, it’s not going kill anyone”

Danielle doesn’t seem to care what others think though, the mother of one and soon expecting her second child wishes it could be Christmas everyday and said to the press:

“I feel it helps my depression and brings joy and smiles to people’s faces.

“We love that it’s making people smile and after this awful year it’s something to look forward to.”



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