Biden calls President Trump "Reckless" despite testing negative on consecutive days for coronavirus as he heads to multiple rallies

Covid-19 – President Donald Trump has tested negative for the virus two days in a row.

White House physician Sean Conley said Monday President Donald Trump has tested negative for Covid-19 on consecutive days.

The President took the test as he made his way to Sanford, Florida to speak to thousands of supporters.

He has now tested negative again as he heads to Omaha, Nebraska today.

His rival, democrat Joe Biden, called the President ‘reckless’.

Biden said that he “comes to Sanford bringing nothing but reckless behaviour, divisive rhetoric and fear mongering” as he spoke to supporters in Ohio yesterday.

Trump is “not infectious to others,” Dr Conley said.

The doctor’s assessment came moments after the President was seen boarding Air Force One his way to Sanford, Florida, where he rallied a large group of supporters.

Florida is a huge swingstate for both parties, as the electoral college holds a mammoth 38 seats there, with the winning President needing 270 of the college votes.

Trump has made Florida his second home since last year and is relying on local support.

However, the polls suggest the senior vote – which helped Trump win the state in 2016 – has dwindled in support and now Trump is aiming at the black and Latino vote.

Conley deemed Trump clear to return to an “active schedule” in a Saturday memo after testing revealed “he is no longer considered a transmission risk to others” as the President hopes to sway votes.

Ohio, where Biden was rallying yesterday, has 18 electoral college votes. Trump won the state by a mere 8% in 2016.

Biden told the minute crowd in Cincinnati that he was running for the ‘senate’ rather than the presidency, leading critics to question whether he should be running for the top job at all.  Global247News Twitter

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