Teenager sentenced for 'unwarranted and vicious' murder of footballer

An 18-year-old has been sentenced and given a minimum of 17 years in jail. For the vicious murder of a young man who was a rising football star.

Teenager sentenced for ‘unwarranted and vicious’ murder of footballer: A former academy player for Aston Villa 16 year-old Ramani Morgan was attacked and stabbed many times at a house party on 29th February in Coventry. The attack followed a dispute at the party that led to Morgan leaving. However he collapsed nearby and was rushed to hospital where he later died.

The defendant, Sukhbir Phull, only 18 himself, was convicted of the crime in September. And on Friday, was sentenced to detention for life. The judge, Andrew Lockhart QC, said. “You carried a knife because you thought it was a good idea. And because you would be able to readily resort to its use with lethal force should you deem it necessary.”

He said that Phull showed “no regret” and described the attack as “totally unwarranted and vicious”. He went on to say that Phull had anticipated the attack after picking a fight with Morgan. And that Morgan was compromised but was chased none the less.

Phull had refused to give evidence in court to explain his actions. Witnesses at the party told West Midlands Police that Phull had been flirting with Morgan’s girlfriend. But it got to the point that the host thought the house would get trashed as the argument was quickly escalating.

She asked everyone to leave but Morgan was stabbed in the chest outside the premises. He managed to run off but collapsed minutes later. Judge Lockhart said that Phull had gatecrashed the party and attacked Morgan after taking cannabis and drinking. He told Phull that he was that inhibited any small thing would of made him angry. And that by carrying a large knife he would of known that the attack was one-sided.

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