Boris Johnson being investigated after "luxury Caribbean holiday"

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be making a statement on Monday to MP’s outlining new coronavirus measures for England. It is expected that he will announce a “three tier” system that will make the rules that have been applied to different local authority areas a lot more simple.

Prime Minister to reveal new coronavirus restrictions on Monday: The strictest of the measures will be agreed with local chiefs before being implemented. However as of Friday night the Government were still putting the finishing touches to the measures. The new system is still expected to contain rules for the mandate closure of pubs and restaurants yet again.

On Friday Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced new help for those businesses in the worst hit areas. And has promised that they will cover two-thirds of the wages paid to staff that work for businesses that are shut down by law. Some areas of the country are already under new restrictions. But do not seem to have a coherent framework governing them which has led to criticism that the new rules are hard to understand.

The government has been criticized throughout the pandemic for poor engagement with local and regional authorities over changes to regulations.  And the sharing of data for contact tracing and people feel that a simple set of rules for everyone. Like at the start of the pandemic, would be more suitable.  Global247News Twitter

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