North Cornwall beaches plagued with face masks

North Cornwall beaches are littered with thousands of face masks

North Cornwall beaches plagued with face masks: With miles of sandy beaches battered by Atlantic breakers, the rugged coastline of North Cornwall is a jewel in the crown of the British seaside.

Today, its picturesque fishing villages and bustling towns are famous for surfing, posh food and crowds of even posher visitors.

But locals and tourists alike have found a disturbing new tide washing up on the pristine beaches in recent weeks. Hundreds, if not thousands, of disposable face masks, plastic gloves and other detritus, all generated by Covid-19.

Andy Waddell from Bideford is furious. The local truck driver is calling for single use face masks to be banned despite the Coronavirus pandemic. And he also feels its not locals throwing them in the sea.

“These masks need to be banned straight away. Its disgusting, they are washing up from all regions and countries. How do i know this? – some have writing on them and names”

” We are littered with the bloody things all across the North Devon coastline. I took my dog to Saunton Sands last Sunday and collected over 400 masks. It’s just not on, these masks don’t perish either and will be harming much sea life as well as birds”

” The government rush out masks but they don’t think of the consequences of the chuck away ones. And those chucking them away should be far more responsible as well, heavy fines should be introduced too” he stormed.

The scuba diver Waddell also says thousands lie at he bottom of the sea. “Every dive I see hundreds on the sea bed as well as rubber gloves and stuff. We are not thinking about the after affects when masks are badly disposed of”

“It has to stop – ban them across the world” he finished.

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