As pupils from Eton school are being sent home to isolate, parents are said to be furious.

As pupils from Eton school are being sent home to isolate, parents are said to be furious.

Eton pupils sent home to isolate: And now, the school has been accused of spreading the virus around the country. Pupils from the whole of the Lower Sixth, plus groups from other years, have been told to leave the school. Which costs £42,000 a year to board at, and self isolate at home.

Subsequently, they will be able to continue doing their lessons online. The unprecedented move by the school came as a large number were tested positive for the virus. And, in order to protect the rest, they made the decision to move them off site.

Also, a source from the school told The Telegraph. “The children who live abroad are being farmed out to the families of fellow pupils. They [the parents] don’t mind the extra children at all. But they do object to the spreading of the virus round the country when it could be contained in the school.” This is the second time the school has had to handle an outbreak this year. After several pupils tested positive on returning from summer holidays and had to be isolated.

Later, a spokesman for the school said “A significant number of pupils recently tested positive for Covid-19. And the relevant authorities were notified. This has resulted in all of the Lower Sixth – Year 12 – isolating. As well as some pupils in other year groups. Given the numbers involved, medical advice was clear that these pupils could not safely isolate at the school. Public health officials arranged additional testing themselves. The school has acted in line with their instructions throughout.”  Global247News Twitter

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