David Mark Drayton Nine Times Over The Limit And Only Gets £200 fine in Yeovil

David Mark Drayton from Curry Rival was nine times over the limit but only received a £200 fine.

Drayton was fined just £200 for being nine times over the limit when captured by police in Yeovil Somerset.

Police in the Somerset town received over 20 calls reporting serious poor driving endangering life as Drayton struggled at the wheel after taking a massive amount of illegal drugs.

He was apprehended by Avon & Somerset Police on Watercombe Lane in the town where he tested nine times over the limit.

The drugged up driver had stopped when police located him and was slumped off his head at the wheel of the car.

Prosecutor Emma Lenanton told Yeovil magistrates:

“The vehicle stopped halfway along the road and when witnesses approached it the defendant, who was sat in the driver’s seat, appeared to be unconscious,” she said.

“An ambulance was called and when police arrived Drayton had been moved out of the vehicle and there was white powder around his nostrils and he was dazed.

“He said he had consumed some cider but a roadside breath test was negative for alcohol and Drayton indicated he had some ketamine on him.”

A blood sample was taken showing a reading of 177mcg of ketamine per litre of blood when the limit was 20 and a paper wrap containing 2g of the drug was found in his possession.

The court was also told that Drayton had a previous conviction for a drink driving offence within the last 10 years leaving him liable for a mandatory three year disqualification.

Although the Somerset judge only handed out a driving ban alongside a paltry £200 fine which has caused fury amongst road safety campaigners.

Mike Walsh from Yeovil told Global247news of his disgust: ” Hows that an example to todays drivers? – go out get high as a kite and take the wheel of a car!” he stormed

” Who’s going to think twice when you see a fine so small? the idiot should have been thrown in jail and for a very long time too”

” Do we have to wait until people are killed for serious punishments to be handed out?” he questioned.

” I tell you what, it’s a farce an absolute farce these druggies in the town need a serious sorting out as it is without seeing and hearing about them on the road, he should have been bloody charged with attempted murder”

” 200 quid is a joke” he finished.


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