Record Breaking Florida Snake Captured

Florida snake record broken as monster snake captured

Members of the Python Action team and the South Florida Water Management District Python Elimination Program captured a record-breaking 18-foot, 9-inch Burmese python.

Ryan Ausburn and Kevin Pavlidis caught the snake weighing a whopping 104 pounds.

The python breaks the state record by an inch.

Officials with Fish and Wildlife say the removal of this female snake is a triumph for Florida’s native wildlife and habitats and a great example of teamwork to remove nonnative pythons from the ecosystem.

Although Florida residents are more concerned about their own welfare, Gerry Jackson in Haines City told Global247news: “I’m glad they captured that monster, imagine that slithering up your garden path!”

“Man thats huge, I can’t stand snakes the small ones are bad enough but look at the size of that beast, you wouldn’t want to come across him anytime, day or night – what a whopper” exclaimed Dolly Widman

The nonnative snake will now be processed at a snake sanctuary before deciding its next move but its unlikely to stay in Orange County.  Global247News Twitter

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