More Power with anti blockade law in Venezuela

THE National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela (ANC), made up only of pro-government members, has approved this Thursday the so-called “Anti-Blockade Law”.

The “Anti-Blockade Law” annuls legal norms to give the Executive room for legal manoeuvre and little obligation to render accounts, in its attempt to circumvent the multiple economic sanctions imposed by various countries.
The legal framework, drawn up and proposed by the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, implies the confidentiality of the decisions made under the new scenario, in which the head of the Government may act without auditing the existing laws when it comes to ” measures of “economic equilibrium.”
This legal framework is intended, according to its article 1, to provide the “public power” with legal tools to “counter, mitigate and reduce, in an effective, urgent and necessary manner, the harmful effects generated by the imposition” of financial sanctions. , mainly those applied by the United States.  Global247News Twitter

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