A man who stabbed his mother to death before decapitating her with a sword and putting her head in a freezer has been jailed.

A man who stabbed his mother to death before decapitating her with a sword and putting her head in a freezer has been jailed.

Man jailed for decapitating his 86 year old mother: The Old Bailey heard that songwriter Philip Tarver, 47, attacked his mother, Angela Tarver with an ornamental sword while being high on cocaine and vodka. Tarver surrendered after police turned up at his door to find him wearing a ladies floral negligee and waving a Union Jack flag at the time.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in prison on Thursday when Judge Anne Molyneux said that, if he hadn’t been in a state of acute psychosis, he would not have killed her. She said that a verdict of manslaughter through diminished responsibility would not happen as Mr Tarver had committed the killing voluntarily while under the influence of drink and drugs.

The court heard that he had lived for most of his life with his parents and relied on Mrs Tarver financially while he pursued his interests in music. The court also heard that on the morning of 19th December last year he was behaving very oddly, saying that the beer he was drinking had been poisoned and unplugging the phone.

His father, Colin Tarver, said he was wearing a see through petticoat as he very often wore women’s clothing and he was whispering about the poisoned beer. He pointed to it and asked his father to take it back to the shop.

Jurors were told that when his father questioned him about the TV being unplugged he slammed the door and shouted at his father to “go and die”.

At the time his mother, who had mobility and speech issues after suffering a stroke, was in the kitchen drinking tea. Colin heard a scream and rushed to the kitchen to find his wife on her back with Philip standing over her with a sword. Colin said he heard him say “I’ve got to kill you” and said he had been commanded to do it.

He had 18 months added to his sentence to run concurrently for threatening to kill his father. Colin said afterwards in a statement “I have lost my best friend and the love of my life, she was the light of my life and now that light has gone out, cruelly extinguished.

There have been nights where I have been unable to sleep and have lain awake replaying the accusations that have been made towards me wondering what on earth I could have done to make Philip say those things about me.”

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