Spain's Courts Reject Appeal Over Madrid Lockdown

A Madrid court today in Spain struck down an order that imposed a partial lockdown in the capital city and nine satellite towns, siding with the Madrid region in a standoff with the central government.

Following an order from the Health Ministry, the Madrid region was forced to bar residents from leaving without a valid reason from last Friday. The regional authority had appealed the order.

The news came as a relief to those residing outside of Spain’s Madrid, Darren Laventure  in Spain’s Benidorm told of his relief, he said: ” Good news that, whilst the region here in Benidorm needs all the income it can get, we don’t want the virus either, I thought the appeal would get quashed and thankfully it has”

“Madrid is rife at present for the virus and it needs to be contained there for sure – there is no point infecting other area’s of Spain especially regions that are currently finding enough hardship as it is, although I still fear many have slipped the net”

Madrid saw a mass exodus before the lockdown regulations came into force and many believe it should have been immediate.

“It should have been straight away but I think the courts have called it right and thankfully the lockdown will continue” said business owner Maria Lopez on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  Global247News Twitter

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