Cornwall Centre Bomb Evacuation Was No Threat To The Public As Bomb Not Found

Bomb threat at Cornwall centre deemed by police as no threat to the public

The Regina Police Service has determined a potential bomb threat at the Cornwall Centre poses no threat to the public.

According to police, the RPS Communications Centre received a call at around 3:57 p.m. Wednesday from a male alleging he was inside the Cornwall Centre and was in the possession of an explosive device.
The building was cordoned off while officers and building security searched the areas that public have access to and did not find any device or suspicious package.
The centre was cleared by 6.40PM after what is regarded now as a crank call.
A police officer told Global247news: “We have put it down to a crank call but will investigate and trace the caller, there was no threat to the public apart from fear of those being evacuated from the Cornwall centre – it’s likely it was a crank who enjoyed watching the evacuation but we shall trace the suspect and there will be no calls in jail”
Mike Haines who was evacuated from the shopping mall said: ” I didn’t realise it was a bomb call, staff just asked us to leave for security reasons and the process of the evacuation was excellent, I will go back today to pick up my sneakers with no concerns at all”  Global247News Twitter

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