The owner of a £150,000 Aston Martin left it parked on double yellow lines over the weekend

The owner of a £150,000 Aston Martin left it parked on double yellow lines over the weekend. Which saw him amass 4 parking fines and an angry note from furious residents.

Aston Martin driver gets 4 parking fines: The driver left his super car parked on double yellow lines on Friday evening in the north Yorkshire resort of Whitby. A local resident, who asked not to be named, said that the car got it’s first ticket on Friday evening. Followed by another on the Saturday.

The owner returned to the car on Saturday and removed the 2 parking fine tickets but did not move the car. Which was parked on a narrow street with double yellow lines either side. The local residents decided to act on the Sunday when the car received another fine by leaving a “nice” note on the windshield that said. “I am so rich I can park where I like”.

The resident said the driver must of seen the note as he returned to his car. Removed the fine and the note, got in and drove off. However, the debacle wasn’t over yet, as all he did was drive round the block and returned to the same street!

The Aston Martin received it’s fourth fine on Monday morning. Another resident commented on the situation saying. “Parking must still be at a premium in Whitby. Because a £150k Aston Martin collected four penalty tickets. After being parked on double yellows in two different locations this weekend”.  Global247News Twitter

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