Democrat lawmakers applaud Facebook as they ban any accounts linked with QAnon in wake of US Presidential election

Mark Zuckerberg’s organisation said they “have started to delete” any accounts on their site which is linked to the QAnon ‘conspiracy’ group.

Facebook’s factcheckers have worked hard to delete any account pushing what they call ‘misinformation’ in the past with thousands being deleted.

This has caused outrage amongst the online community as they feel persecuted whilst pro-paedophilia groups get to stay.

The move marks an escalation by Facebook in its crackdown against the movement, whose members believe US president Donald Trump is battling a Satanic “deep state” cabal that secretly controls the levers of global power and runs paedophile rings.

The left-wing media have done everything they can to destroy the movement and use their accusations against the elites as ‘absurd’ and have invited the rest of the world to bring ridicule against them.

Facebook said it will remove any pages, groups and Instagram accounts linked to QAnon.

“In the first month, we removed over 1,500 Pages and Groups for QAnon containing discussions of potential violence and over 6,500 Pages and Groups tied to more than 300 Militarized Social Movements,” Facebook said in its update on Tuesday.

“But we believe these efforts need to be strengthened when addressing QAnon.”

Facebook have also stepped up their security and predicts “renewed attempts to evade our detection, both in behaviour and content shared on our platform” and pledged to “continue to study the impact of our efforts and be ready to update our policy and enforcement as necessary.”

The recent purge has already resulted in restrictions on more than 1,950 Facebook groups and over 10,000 Instagram accounts.

The FBI have already labelled QAnon as a ‘potential domestic terrorist threat’ whilst numerous left-wing liberal news outlets have called QAnon’s claims of a satanic cabal ‘baseless.’

Democrat lawmakers immediately praised Facebook’s move, including the Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Mark Warner of Virginia.

“Ultimately the real test will be whether Facebook actually takes measures to enforce these new policies — we’ve seen in a myriad of other contexts, including with respect to right-wing militias like the Boogaloos, that Facebook has repeatedly failed to consistently enforce its existing policies,” Warner said.  Global247News Twitter

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