DC insider: FBI director Christopher Wray to 'step down from position' tomorrow as President Trump 'drains the swamp'

Rumours have circulated online via Twitter that the current head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Christoper Wray – will resign tomorrow.

Wray has been at the centre of the Russian interference scandal and now unclassified documents from the Director of National Intelligence in Washington D.C may have forced his hand.

Chuck Callesto, a former Candidate for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, tweeted on Tuesday that “Christopher Wray is STEPPING DOWN TOMORROW as chief of the FBI.”

Callesto also said that “They must be HELD ACCOUNTABLE…DEMAND A FULL AND TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION… ADD YOUR NAME HERE..” with a finger pointing to a link for people to petition.

His comments come as the Obama and Hilary Clinton scandal became declassified on orders of President Trump, which holds the view that the FBI knowingly participated in helping the former destroy a private email server, used during public office, and various other linked scandals including using the Russian ‘hoax’ to divert attention away from the private email indictment of Hilary Clinton.

People on Twitter have called for Wray’s head calling him a ‘traitor’ and ‘need to be hung as an example.’

Rumours have been rife of numerous officials – including Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Wray – being tried for treason in the near future.

Wray – a former Yale Skull and Bones member – has been head of the FBI since May 2017, after President Trump sacked James Comey.

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