Spider web found in Missouri forest big enough to "catch" a person

As if 2020 hasn’t been bad enough already evidence has come to light of arachnids spinning giant spiders webs in a Missouri forest. That are literally big enough to “catch” a human.

Spider web found in Missouri forest big enough to “catch” a person: A giant web has been discovered by Francis Skalicky on a forest trail near Springfield, just in time for Halloween. After a photograph of the enormous web, spun by the orb weaver spider, was posted to Facebook people understandably started to panic.

One person commented that. “these are the sort of webs that literally catch people if they walk through them at night”.

Another said they “would freak out if they saw this. It makes me shudder just to think about it”. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation the orb weaver spider, whilst being large and hairy, are not a threat to humans. And mostly feed on insects and their own webs.

The Department said that they have a weird habit of being nocturnal and eating and rebuilding their webs every day. They build their webs at dusk to catch prey during the night. Then eat the web at dawn to recycle the nutrients and rebuild the web.

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