School brings in Parking Buddies to beat bad parking parents in Wales

A school has introduced parking buddies operated by pupils to beat bad parking parents

Pupils from Pantysgallog primary school, in Merthyr Tydfil, have been praised on the success of their ‘Parking Buddies’ scheme, to detour parents/guardians from parking in built-up areas around the school.

The JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) all from year 6, are urging people to consider others when parking, and to drive carefully.

Schools in the region have notorious parents who park badly whilst dropping off their children and then hanging around for a gossip as the children enter class, sometimes for at least an hour.

Although the parking issues are not restricted to Merthyr Tydfil and many parents across Wales are calling for the same initiative.

Further down the Welsh valleys, Pontyclun resident Gregg Maunder told how bad it was in his village, he said: “We could do with them down here, what a great idea, I think Pontyclun has the worst parking parents in South Wales, the worst school for it is the one near the Athletic club, parents stood gossiping whilst parked all over the place and it’s only a narrow street”

” Do you know what? – I’ve even seen parents pull up for a natter at the school after dropping their own kids off down the Y-Pant”

“Nothings changed in all the years since my old classmate Gareth got run over years ago”

Whilst up the road in Talbot Green Stephen Lovelace wished the children could hand out tickets as well, as he said: “It’s a bloody shame they can’t ticket the parents, the kids I mean and embarrass the parents who are so inconsiderate, I see a woman literally drive from Fauenhelog 3 minutes to the school by the post office and park up, how lazy is that? – not only that she is there what seems like all morning gassing away”

” I tried to have a word with her in the Talbot Arms but she just told me to mind my own business”

Although just across the border in the Vale of Glamorgan, Sam Jones claims the Cowbridge parents are the worst, Sam who has just recently moved to the area from Llantrisant said: “The problem here is the housewives driving Chelsea tractors in their Barbour jackets and wellies, they can’t drive and can’t park, I hope this scheme latches on to down here and soon”  Global247News Twitter

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