Manchester is the new COVID hotspot as city sees cases soar

Manchester has become the new virus hot spot in the UK. As cases soar with positive tests doubling in just one week.

Manchester is the new COVID hotspot: Figures published on Monday by Public Health England show that the weekly rate of infection has now reached 500 cases per 100,000 people. Also, in the seven days up to 2nd October 2,927 new cases were registered. That is equivalent of 529.4 per 100,000 up from 246.4 the previous week.

Earlier, the figures published on Monday also show that the UK had recorded 12,594 new COVID cases and 19 new deaths. The new figures released comes after a technical glitch in which 16,000 cases were missed. Leading to a spike of 23,000 reported cases on Sunday.

Now, Public Health England (PHE) reports that some cases were omitted. Causing a delay in finding test positive cases for up to a week. The glitch in the data was reportedly caused by an Excel spreadsheet reaching it’s maximum file size. And means that local authorities did not know the true level of infections over the past 10 days.

later, joint medical advisor for PHE, Susan Hopkins, said “Our analysis now shows that this issue affected a total of 15,841 cases from the period between 25 September and 2 October. With the majority occurring in recent days. Additionally, this means the total number of positive cases over this period was higher than previously reported.

Also, of these, over 75% (11,968) relate to cases that should have been reported between 30 September and 2 October. This issue did not affect people receiving their COVID-19 test results. And all people who tested positive have received their COVID-19 test result in the normal way. Meanwhile, this does not impact the basis on which decisions about local action were taken last week.”  Global247News Twitter

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