‘Devastation' as Queen may never return to Buckingham Palace

The Queen of England is apparently ‘devastated’ by the news she may never return to Buckingham Palace again during her lifetime.

She was moved to her second residence at Windsor Castle at the start of the coronavirus pandemic on March 19th, with images showing her in the back of her car looking glum out of the window, as she knew she may never return.

The Queen and her husband Phillip are blaming the banishment on the virus as the reason for the indeterminate departure.

Around Buckingham Palace, the blue screens are up across all windows and the Queen’s Guards battalions are nowhere to be seen, instead the guards are armed policemen and skeleton crews of other Army units.

Royal author Tom Quinn dismissed fears of an abdication: “She is such a traditionalist, I cannot see her abdicating.

“She will keep going until she becomes ill or dies.”

And Kate Thornton, from True Royalty TV, said: “We are hearing rumours that the Queen can never return to Buckingham Palace, that William and Kate will be in there next.

“The age and stage she is in life, with Prince Phillip. Is it possible that Charles could succeed the throne?”

Dan Wootton, who is the British Sun newspaper’s executive editor, told True Royalty TV: “It is sad that the Queen cannot go back to Buckingham Palace.

“It is particularly devastating for the Queen, in the twilight years of her life, when she wants to keep working.

“So many things that she loves to do have been taken away from her. She does not want to stay essentially a prisoner at Windsor Castle.

“It is highly likely that the Queen will not live at Buckingham Palace again.

“It is true that she much prefers Balmoral and Windsor Castle but it’s about the fact that she can’t do the work she wants to do from there. It’s not the same.”

Royal author Tom Quinn disagreed, claiming the Queen would be “relieved” by the Buckingham Palace news.

He explained: “I suspect she is relieved. She is so elderly, I find it so hard to believe she wants to keep such a busy schedule.”

The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew Duke of York, is still being asked to go to America to comment on the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell child-sex scandal in which he is accused of having sex with an underage girl in 2002.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bought an $11,000,000 house in Hollywood A-list area Santa Barbara, California recently.

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