Retired swimmer Rebecca Adlington reveals that she is expecting a boy

Retired Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Andy Parsons.

Retired swimmer Rebecca Adlington reveals that she is expecting a boy: She already has Summer, a 5-year-old daughter with her ex-husband Harry Needs. She met Mr Parsons, a 30 year-old facilities manager, on the dating app Bumble in January 2018. And they moved in together last summer. Adlington told Hello! magazine that they discovered that she was carrying a boy during a recent scan and described the moment as “joyous an funny”.

She said that she couldn’t stop laughing when the scan showed him on his back with his legs open. Showing his full package. She went on to say that both she, family and friends all thought it would be a boy. As she felt different from her last pregnancy. She said “I feel a lot bigger this time and have different cravings from those I had when carrying Summer”.

She also spoke about the news that her ex-husband has now come out as bisexual saying. “When you care for another human being you want that person to be well. No matter what they’re going through. You’ve got to be there for those people in your life. Summer is the priority for both of us and we always put her first and I think that’s why we get on so well.”

Harry is really excited about the baby. He has always known I wanted more kids and he was really happy for Andy and offered to help if he needs any tips. He’s been brilliant. Our child will get to know Harry as well.”  Global247News Twitter

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