Parents call 6"2, 17 stone 10 year old 'Stupid and dangerous' for being allowed to play American football with children in his class

A ten year old American football player who stands a whopping 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 17 stone has been criticized by parents for being allowed to play with children his age as he dwarfs them and shoves them aside like they are not there.

Videos circulating the internet show the boy running to the end line with hardly any challenge.

The boy is listed at 6 feet 2 inches and is the same height as the average NFL player.

Some were reminded of early footage of Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach who has also been in the headlines this weekend after his team’s NFL game against the New England Patriots was postponed over a series of positive Covid-19 tests.

Reid was famously filmed looming over his fellow 13-year-olds while taking part in a youth competition at half-time of an NFL game that was broadcast on live television in the US in 1971.

The child, who’s name and school cannot be named for legal reasons, has sparked outrage with people saying it is ‘unsafe.’

“Back in my days, if a kid was over 135lb they weren’t allowed to carry the ball,” said one viewer, leading to a debate around whether limits should be imposed in the interests of fairness.

“[They said], ‘with him being that big, he is a risk to hurt kids in this age bracket.’ He plays spring and fall sports with the same kids.”

However one argued that taking the child out and putting him with older kids is detrimental for their health: “I hope he continues to have positivity with his height and talent and not what my son had to experience with basketball in a stupid community center league.”

Some feel the child may have lied about his age.

Sorry but that’s not beast mode,” replied one skeptic. “That’s an adult-sized kid running over kid-sized kids.

“[I’m] impressed with his ridiculous size. [He’s a] total freak, and will probably play in the NFL one day.

“But running over kids weighing a quarter of his size is not really beast mode, in my opinion.”  Global247News Twitter

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