Arsonist Targets Wrong Home & Traps Terrified Family in Cardigan, West Wales

An arsonist targeted the wrong home and trapped a terrified family in Cardigan, West Wales. 

The fire was started at the front door of a family home on Castle Street, Cardigan, West Wales, at 3am on June 16, 2020.

The fire spread outside the property and the family were unable to escape the building due to smoke and gas from a damaged pipe filling their home.

Police initially thought the fire was caused by a lit cigarette. However, an investigation deemed that the fire was started on purpose – but in the wrong place.

The investigation focused on Nathan Jones, 42, of Golwg y Castell, Cardigan, after he was seen on CCTV linking him to the crime.

DC Damon Watmough from Dydef-Powys Police said: “As the investigation progressed, we discovered the fire was started intentionally, but not at the home Jones intended to target.

“He actually went back to try and put the fire out. However, it appears a black bag was still smoldering and spread to the other refuse outside the house.

“By the time the occupants were aware, they had no means of escape, and a gas pipe had been damaged and was leaking into their home.”

Jones was charged with arson and intent to endanger life.

On September 25, Jones pleaded guilty at Swansea Crown Court and was sentenced to four years in prison.  Global247News Twitter

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