Man jailed for attacking taxi driver and choking him with seat belt

Jake Evans, 27, has been jailed for an attack on a taxi driver over a disputed fare.

Man jailed for attacking taxi driver: He attacked the driver and made threats to kill him after he was asked to pay a £6.20 fare for a short journey in Wakefield on the 8th September. Leeds Crown Court heard that Evans and a female friend were picked up by the taxi at a pizza takeaway. He had been drinking heavily all night.

Evans threw a handful of change at the driver after reaching his destination and being asked for the fare. Prosecutor Katy Varlow said that the defendant then started a racist verbal attack on the driver. Before exiting the rear of the vehicle. Opening the front passenger door and punching him in the head and ribs and pulling his hair.

After this he grabbed the driver’s seat belt, that was still being worn, and wrapped it around his neck making it impossible for the victim to breathe for around 10 seconds. The court then heard that Evans turned the victims face away and bit his cheek for approximately 15 seconds. The cab driver managed to struggle free and the accused said to him. “Why did you ask me for money? I’m going to find you and I will kill you.” Miss Varlow told the court that the driver of the taxi was so scared he drove off with the door still open.

Police who were called to the scene found Evans a short while later nearby. He was still covered in the driver’s blood. Evans, from Normanton, was jailed for 36 months on Friday. After the court heard that he had 12 previous convictions for violence. Including battery and wounding and he was already on a suspended sentence when this attack happened for carrying a knife in public.  Global247News Twitter

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