Firefighters called to bizarre rescue as student gets stuck in tumble dryer

Firefighters were shocked when they were called to an incident in a shared university accommodation. To find a student stuck in a tumble dryer.

Firefighters called to bizarre rescue: Rosie Cole, 21, had been taking part in a drinking game with fellow students when she was dared to get inside the clothes dryer. Cole thought that she had “no chance” of being able to fit inside as the dryer was very small. But attempted it anyway.

Having managed to squeeze inside, fire crews were called to the scene at around midnight. As Miss Cole discovered that she could not remove herself from the machine. She had been drinking wine and tequila with friends in the university halls at Beresford Avenue, North Hull. It took three firemen 20 minutes to rescue her.

Rosie, from Hull, East Yorkshire, said “they save cats from trees”. So maybe they could “save students from tumble dryers.” She added that “It wasn’t until I wriggled both my hips in and got my legs crossed behind me that I couldn’t get out.”

Although the house she was living in was given a safety briefing, she admitted that she had never done her own washing. She said that the firemen were lovely and saw the funny side before they left. By opening the washing machine and asking if anyone else needed saving.

Lydia Dunwell, 21, and Rosie’s housemate, was awoken to the sound of sirens and initially thought the house was on fire. She was shocked and speechless upon finding Rosie stuck in the dryer. And started to video the incident on her phone. She said that the operator thought a small child had got stuck. And it was very embarrassing to tell her it was a grown 21-year-old woman.  Global247News Twitter

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