Video footage shows delivery driver throwing 'fragile' parcel over 6ft wall

Shocking video footage has come to light that shows a driver, who works for DPD delivery company, taking a photo of a parcel to say that it was fragile then launching it over a 6ft wall.

Video footage shows delivery driver throwing ‘fragile’ parcel over 6ft wall: The seller of the item in the box (a £625 fabric printer) Jonathan Ward, 51, said that after a buyer bought it from him on eBay. He boxed it up and placed eight stickers on it to warn that it was fragile and delicate.

He said that he was “absolutely horrified” when the buyer contacted him to say that the printer was “broken beyond repair”. The CCTV footage showed that the driver did, in fact, take a photo to prove that the parcel had been delivered. Before lifting it up to shoulder height and throwing it over the wall.

The parcel itself weighed 25kgs and was a printer that can make face masks. Footage can also be seen of it landing on the other side of the wall. Bouncing off a metal staircase then coming to rest in the back stairwell of a chemist.

The flat that it should of been delivered to is above the chemist. Mr Ward said that, although he did contact DPD they have ignored him. And he has had to refund the buyer out of his own pocket. He said that it is “so disgusting that they won’t reply to my emails and are just ignoring me.

It was a special printer for fabrics and I am now £650 down on the deal”.

He went on to say that “the company should take responsibility for what has happened. It’s not like it was an accident and fell off the back of the van. The delivery driver is clearly seen throwing it over the wall”.

When asked to comment, a spokesman for DPD said. “At DPD we take customer service and the behaviour of our staff very seriously indeed. Which is why we’ve topped the Money Saving Expert parcel delivery customer satisfaction poll for the last seven years.

Clearly, the experience here falls a long way short of what we would expect from our drivers. We are carrying out a full investigation and we will always take firm action where the conduct of our people is found to be below our high standards. We are also in contact with the parcel recipient to resolve the situation fully.”  Global247News Twitter

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