British track and trace agents seek Andrea Nickols on Spain's Costa del Sol

A traveller to Spain’s Costa del Sol Andrea Nickols is sought by UK track and trace agents for trying to avoid quarantine regulations

Andrea Nickols who’s believed to be staying on Spain’s Costa del Sol in La Cala is being sought by British track and trace agents as she bragged on social media how she deliberately booked a flight to Gibraltar in an attempt to avoid quarantine on her return.

After her flight was diverted to Malaga airport on Spain’s Costa del Sol the quarantine dodger posted to social media channels and bragged how she had booked a flight to the airport on the British rock so that she could avoid quarantine but the brag backfired when residents who live on the Costa del Sol were disgusted by her comments and reported her both to the track and trace operation offices in the UK as well as media channels.

Nickols posted on social media: “Oh no-on a flight to Gibraltar ( because we don’t need to quarantine) but diverted to Malaga because it’s too windy to land in gib BUT hey, la Cala here we come”

The comment offended many social media users in the region who in turn reported the actions of wanted Nickols.

Global247news spoke with the track and trace unit in the UK who this morning said: ” Yes we are aware of the person in question and also a person who travelled with her, whilst we received many complaints we also should remind the public that our officer’s monitor social media in an attempt to track offenders”

“Travelling into Gibraltar and then onto Spain and not going into quarantine on return is an illegal offence and carries a fine of a minimum £1000”

“Whilst we can’t comment on individual cases we are fully aware of the reports and are following up our investigations as we do on all reported cases”

Local residents who were disgusted by the actions of Nickols are hoping her actions of trying to beat the system end her up with a big fine, Tom O’Brien who’s lived in La Cala for ten years stormed: ” How bloody irresponsible, here are the majority trying to keep the word safe and save lives and we have idiots like this behaving in such manner, she’s confessed so she should be fined anyway on return whatever she now does ”

“Throw the book at her, use her as an example to others, if you can’t do the quarantine then don’t come here – it’s not hard to understand,” said Gary Williamson.  Global247News Twitter

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