Woman from Hampshire tries to return items stolen by her naughty cat

A woman from Hampshire has taken to Facebook in an attempt to return items stolen by her cat to their rightful owners.

Woman from Hampshire tries to return items stolen by her naughty cat: Kate Baker, 35, from Andover, Hampshire said that she has recently seen a huge rise in gloves being bought home and now wants to try and return them to the people who they belong to. Posting in the Facebook group Spotted in Andover New, she said. “my cat’s thieving has become so bad my brother has bought her a box!

I would like to return items. Her hunting grounds are Vio Road/Valencia way. Sorry in advance” and finished off with a “grimacing” emoji. Her 2-year-old cat, Pixel, started taking items last year. And, if sheds were open or toys were left out overnight, she would take her chance of nicking them and bringing them home.

Mrs Baker went on to say “I’d always planned on seeing if I could get them back to their owners. And left them in a pile. When my brother saw how much I’d accumulated he got me Pixel’s plunder box. She explained that although she has managed to return many of the items, Pixel is still on the hunt every night so it is an impossible task.

She finished off by saying “I’ve returned the bits I know where they came from. But some are unclaimed. I had three feathers this morning and you can guarantee she will be on the hunt for more ‘gifts’!. Most people have seen the funny side and treated it as a bit of fun.

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