'No more brotherly love' as US Navy SEALS become gender neutral - President Trump orders it reversed IMMEDIATELY

The United States Navy Special Warfare Command had changed it’s ethos and creed statements to include women, despite none serving.

The elite branch of the US Navy – which includes the notorious ‘Hell Week’ to become a member – had made it so all of the troops could not be referred to as ‘men or women’.

The SEAL ethos which was ‘I am that man’ was changed to ‘I am that warrior’ out of respect to the neutrality.

The creed which had also said ‘The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men’ has been changed to ‘the ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from others’.

And ‘brave men’ has been amended to read ‘brave SEALs’, ‘brotherhood’ was switched to a ‘group of maritime warriors.’

In another sentence ‘brothers’ in changed to ‘them’.

However, this has angered President Donald Trump and he has demanded an immediate reversal.

“I will be overturning this ridiculous order immediately!” Trump tweeted on Thursday evening.

The move sparked fury from disgraced ex SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who labeled it ‘a joke’. Gallagher was was acquitted of murdering the ISIS prisoner following a high-profile trial which saw Donald Trump wade into the debate.

Gallagher was acquitted of indiscriminately firing at civilians and murdering an ISIS prisoner in Iraq in 2017. He was only convicted for posing for a photo with the teen’s body.

As a result of posing for a picture with the dead teen, Gallagher was de-ranked in July 2019. However Donald Trump later restored him to Chief Petty Officer. He is now retired.

Sharing a note on the pronoun changes Gallagher wrote: ‘What a joke. To be honest I thought the ethos was always BS. Now I know it is.

‘A creed or ethos is supposed to be written in stone, obviously ours is not and will sway to whatever political agenda is being put out.’

In 2015, then Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the military to open all military jobs to women, including the most dangerous commando posts.

The move allowed women to serve in the most demanding and difficult jobs, including as special operations forces, such as the Army Delta units and Navy SEALs.

No women have so far completed the SEAL or SWCC qualifications after a rule change allowing their entry in 2015. Stroup said: ‘To date, no women completed the SEAL or SWCC qualification training pipelines.’

In July of this year a female soldier graduated from the Army’s elite Special Forces course to join one of the all-male Green Beret teams for the first time ever.

The unidentified woman was one of three female soldiers who had been going through the Army Special Forces qualification course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

She graduated on July and received her Green Beret.

Defense officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss personnel matters have confirmed that she is a member of the National Guard.

Lt. Gen. Fran Beaudette, commander of Army Special Operations Command, presided over the ceremony and was able to say, for the first time, that ‘our Green Beret men and women will forever stand in the hearts of free people everywhere.’

‘From here, you will go forward and join the storied formation of the Green Berets where you will do what you are trained to do: challenge assumptions, break down barriers, smash through stereotypes, innovate, and achieve the impossible,’ he said.

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