Lockdown & Behave Yourselves Say British Expats On Spain's Costa Del Sol To Madrid Residents

British ex-pats living on Spain’s Costa del Sol say “lockdown and behave yourselves” to Madrid residents as the city refuses Spanish government order

As Spain’s capital, Madrid defies the Spanish government order to lockdown British ex-pats living on Spain’s Costa del Sol have lashed out.

Brit’s down in southern Spain are having a torrid time at present due to the lack of tourism and 70% at least reliant on them for trade.

As citizens of Madrid rebel, it’s too much for some resident ex-pats who appear to blame Madrid for the national pandemic since March.

Madrid back in March was the epicentre of the Coronavirus Spanish outbreak and many ex-pats believe they are now suffering due to the actions of Madrid citizens and have done since March.

The situation relates to a few factors -when the Coronavirus first broke out in Spain, thousands of Madrid citizens poured out of the city to the coast, especially on national holiday weekends and many of the ex-pat community in southern Spain blame this on how southern Spain, both on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca got bad infection rates that placed them under a State Of Emergency lockdown.

” Madrid and its citizens need to lockdown and behave themselves this time around,” said local Costa del Sol businessman Alex Turvey.

Real estate agent Turvey went onto further say: ” I believe we if the citizens of Madrid had been contained in the first instance then the virus would not have spread down here to the Costa del Sol the way it did, It’s my belief they are the cause of devastating effect we now have  going on in these parts, they killed tourism”

“We sat and watched them flow out of the City in their thousands on many occasions, beating supposed roadblocks and ignoring all advice not to travel”

” They even continued when it became law not too, everyone here was pointing out people from Madrid, you can spot them a mile off as they are very arrogant people,” said Turvey.

Another resident William Jennings who has lived in Fuengirola for some 13 years had the same sentiment as he said:

” The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol is now in a shocking state all because of the arrogance of those from Madrid, businesses are closing by the day because of them spreading the virus, that’s the bloody truth of the matter, if they hadn’t come to the coast then this recession would never be taking place”

” They also after lockdown should not have been allowed here, as soon at they were allowed to travel to the coast for holidays we had a second wave and that saw other governments impose sanctions which in turn killed business totally”

” The problem the way I see it the Spanish government always put Madrid first and now by doing so have put the whole country under the spotlight globally ensuring nobody wants to come here,” he said.

Davey Jones, who owns a painting and decorating business, which he operates from La Cala hills went one step even further as he said:

“Sanchez should be fired if he had not put Madrid first, as he always does, all these businesses on the coasts would not be collapsing, he didn’t have the guts to stop people from Madrid taking their holidays down here in both hotels and their second homes, no common sense whatsoever, it’s not as if they come here and boost the economy they are as tight as a duck’s backside anyway – I totally blame them for all of this and now they have the cheek to refuse to lockdown again”


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