Covid-19: Czech Republic introduces 30 day state of emergency which cause mass protests in Prague

A 30-day long state of emergency has been introduced to the central European country and will begin on October 5th.

The Czech PM, Andrej Babis, will introduce measures after a high rise in cases emerged.

The country was put on the UK’s and other European nation’s ‘red list’ after becoming a hot spot for the coronavirus.

However, the prime minister told lawmakers that he does not want to close businesses such as restaurants and bars.

“We do not want to take measures as in March with a huge impact on our economy and the lives of our citizens,” Babis said.

The coronavirus has become one of the fastest spreaders of late in the landlocked Czech Republic with around 2,000 new cases per day and is second only to Spain in daily cases.

Jan Hamáček, the Czech Republic’s interior minister, said more should be done and “Doing nothing in this situation is an incredible gamble.”

New measures were introduced last week in line with the majority of Europe with movement and numbers of people restricted and bar and restaurant opening hours reduced.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered in the capital Prague to protest against the new Covid-19 regulations, displaying banners with the slogans “we don’t want vaccines, we want freedom” and “we stand for the collective immunity.”

Demonstrators accused the government of spreading fear and demanded to have a choice about wearing masks.  Global247News Twitter

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