Victims of sexual assaults by ex-BBC presenter say they had "no idea"

A court has heard that the victims of an ex BBC presenter often had “no idea” that they had been sexually assaulted by him after he admitted to his crimes.

Victims of sexual assaults by ex-BBC presenter : In Mold Crown Court in July 44-year-old Ben Thomas of Flint, Wales pleaded guilty to 40 charges of sexual assaults. Sexual activity with a minor and making indecent videos of children. The sentence hearing began on Tuesday.

The court has heard that his offenses, which spanned a 30 year period, began in 1990. And took place mainly at conferences and Christian camps. He assaulted 33 males aged between 11 and 34 as they slept. So they had no idea they were being interfered with. He admitted to his crimes during a police interview in 2019.

Simon Rogers, prosecuting, said that his victims only found out they had been assaulted due to him admitting to his crimes. The court also heard that some of his victims woke up to find him in their rooms. But he would pretend to be sleepwalking.

Mr Rogers added that when one victim turned the light on he found Mr Thomas looking “flustered”.

Mr Thomas quit his TV show to become a preacher in 2015. But, after his arrest, resigned from his job as pastor at Criccieth Family Church in Gwynedd. Rachel Shenton, defense for the accused, said that his behavior became. “something of an addiction.” And noted that he owned up to the offenses which may not have come to light otherwise.

She went on to say that “It brought home to him what he was doing. How serious it was and that he simply could not live with himself and what he had done.” Adding that he had gone through an “enormous fall from grace” and asked to be held in custody.

She finished off by saying that he had also lost his wife and children since his arrest. Sentencing will conclude on Friday.  Global247News Twitter

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