Cyclist in Monmouthshire Left for Dead By Drug Fuelled Driver Returning from Party

A cyclist in Monmouthshire was left for dead after being hit by a drug-fuelled driver returning from a party. 

A court has heard that an ‘intelligent, kind and gentle’ man was abandoned and left for dead after being hit by a car. The driver of the car was tired after partying with sex workers and taking cocaine.

Alex Roberts, 47, received fatal injuries after being hit by Craig Howick, 38, on the B4245 in Monmouthshire.

Howick collided with Roberts’ bicycle from behind whilst driving his Audi A4. Roberts was thrown onto a grass verge after the collision.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that Mr. Roberts was ‘abandoned like an animal’ as Howick left the scene.

Sadly, Mr. Roberts suffered multiple abdominal injuries and a hypoxic brain injury. He died six weeks later from a cardiac arrest.

Howick, of Rogiet, Caldicot, was found after colliding with another vehicle on August 7.

Upon his arrest, he claimed the damage from his prior collision with Mr. Roberts was caused by a hedge – which he was found to have attempted to stage to hide its true nature.

Howick pleaded guilty to causing death by driving carelessly and without attention. He also eventually pleaded guilty to perverting the cause of justice – despite initially pleading not guilty.

Howick was sentenced to 42 months imprisonment and disqualified from driving for two years and 21 months.  Global247News Twitter

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