Andy Murray Surgeon Derek McMinn Stashes Five THOUSAND Of Human Bones

BONE SURGEON Derek McMinn stashes over 5,000 bones

Derek McMinn, who developed a hip-resurfacing technique used on the two-time Wimbledon champion, kept bones of at least 5,224 people he operated on.

Some of the body parts stored for “research” purposes were from children, it has been alleged.

Dr McMinn allegedly kept the bones despite not having a licence to do so or the proper consent from patients, an investigation found.

The grisly case has been referred to West Mercia Police by the Human Tissue Authority.

Some staff at Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham allegedly helped McMinn store the bones in pots used to preserve them, according to a leaked report, seen by the Independent, for BMI Healthcare.

It has been reported that McMinn’s patients – who paid as much as £13,000 for the private surgeries – were not made aware of his alleged actions even when BMI completed its internal review in October last year.

The storing of the bones dates back to the 1990s, the report alleges.

McMinn admitted to hospital chiefs last year that he had been keeping body parts at his seven-bedroom house in Worcestershire as well as his office in Birmingham, the report claims.

He claimed he did so with the full knowledge of his colleagues claiming he was collecting the bones for his retirement, it is alleged.  Global247News Twitter

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