Welsh Village Cilfynydd near Pontypridd has not had a doctors surgery for 6 months

No doctors surgery for Pontypridd village Cilfynydd since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic

Residents in the village of Cilfynydd near Pontypridd in South Wales have raised concerns as their doctor’s surgery still remains shut, since March, due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.
One resident said: “We need our local doctors for the elderly and people who cannot catch buses let alone stand and wait for 2 buses, some people have not got cars it is not easy for them to catch a bus”.
The small community village that sits on the outside of Pontypridd in South Wales is in much need of its surgery reopening soon.
“Its a travesty, why should our surgery be closed? it is as if we have been forgotten totally, I’m 84 years old now and I have to travel to Upper Boat to see a doctor, I have arthritis and it is a real struggle to get up there, I have skipped appointments simply because I am in too much pain to travel” said Welsh war veteran Arthur Jones.
” I’ve lived here all my life and this shouldn’t be the situation especially with the pandemic going on at the moment and I know the whole village feels the same way,” he said.
Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board is making further enquiries into why the surgery remains closed.

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