Spain's Andalusia set to offer travellers insurance against COVID-19 from January

Spain’s Andalucia region set to offer full insurance to travellers against the Coronavirus

The regional department of tourism will offer all international travellers who spend one or more nights in Andalucía, full health and civil liability insurance against Covid-19 from January 1, 2021, to cover all expenses derived from a possible contagion of the disease or the effects associated with it.

This would include any treatment needed, a possible hospital admission, as well as an eventual transfer to the patient’s country of origin if the circumstances arose. It will also include accommodation and living expenses in the event that, due to direct contact with a person infected by Coronavirus, they have to quarantine.

It’s a brash move by the region who heavily rely on tourism to make up its GDP.

The Andalusian region that covers the Costa del Sol is probably in its worst-ever recession right now and as winter approaches is set to get even worse before the spring, at present the majority of the region’s hotels are closed and visitors to the region are at a bare minimum.

The incentive is clearly to drawback travellers who are in fear of travelling to Spain as the infection rates in Spain continue to increase at alarming rates, although death rates for the region are at the lowest levels since the pandemic started in Spain in March.

Mark Sutherland who operates the Luna bar just outside Fuengirola, shared his thoughts to the initiative:

“It’s a great idea, I like it, the region needs travellers returning badly and if this can give travellers confidence then it’s worth the effort, we all need to be doing our bit to pull travellers back, travellers also need to realise it’s far safer here than in the UK,” he said.



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