Several 'liquid bodies' found under the surface of Mars

According to a major new study multiple “water bodies” have been discovered under the surface at the South Pole of Mars.

Several ‘liquid bodies’ found under the surface of Mars: Previous research had led to the belief that a large saltwater lake resided under the planet’s surface. Researchers have noted that the latest findings could be important in discovering if there really is “life on Mars”. As life needs water to survive.

They have called for more testing to examine more closely if there are any signs of what they call “astrobiological activity”. Or alien life in laymans terms on the planet. The amazing discovery was made by MARSIS. The machine that lives onboard the Mars Express spacecraft sent to orbit the planet by the European Space Agency.

It contains advanced radar that can penetrate the surface of Mars and it’s ice caps and are then measured as they bounce back to the spacecraft. Allowing researchers to discover the planet without actually landing on it. The data tells them that the water bodies are “hypersaline solutions” which is water with a very large salt content. Which is the reason that they can stay liquefied under the extremely cold conditions on Mars.  Global247News Twitter

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