Coronation Street's Kirk caught flouting face mask rules in Weston Super Mare supermarket

Coronation Street actor Andrew Whyment who plays dull as a brush Kirk caught flouting the facemask regulations in Weston Super Mare supermarket

Actor Andrew Whyment who plays the role of Kirk in Britain’s most long-serving soap opera disappointed fans of the show yesterday as he flouted the latest regulations of wearing a face mask whilst indoor shopping.

The show that recently has filmed many episodes highlighting the wearing of face masks is now back on screen 6 times a week, but fans feel that the actor despite his celebrity status should be applying the law.

Whyment who was taking a break from filming in the Somerset town was spotted in a local supermarket posing for selfies with masked fans although he decided to not wear one himself.

Kim Walters from the town and a big fan of the soap was disappointed by her favourite character, as she told Global247news:

“It was wonderful to see him yesterday in the town but I was very disappointed to see he was breaking the law – just because he’s a celeb he should be masked up”

Another fan Nicky Watson was furious: ” Look at him posing with them in the supermarket, he should be setting an example, not standing around putting his thumbs up without a face mask on, all other customers were wearing and staff too, he should have been arrested,” she stormed.

It’s not known why the actor was in the area, although Mary Philps said she believed filming was taking place nearby for a future episode. She claimed: ” I’ve seen film crews about and my friend said they are filming a staycation episode where Beth And Kirky take little Bertie on holiday after Daniel’s exploits with the prostitute, it’s great to see them in Weston although yes he should be wearing a face mask,” she said.  Global247News Twitter

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