Sherborne Fish & Chip Shop Owner Batters Moaners Of COVID regulations

Sherborne Fish & Chip shop owner batters those moaning about latest Coronavirus regulations.

Businessman Paul Studley, who operates a fish & Chip store in the Dorset town of Sherborne is normally a mild natured man but he has become incensed by constant criticism from certain members of the public on social media towards retailers.

Studley blew his stack as he posted: “I’m sick of seeing posts slagging businesses off !!

Why are certain individuals taking it out on shop owners and staff regarding the Mask wearing ?? By taking to social media ( FB) to slate businesses for only doing what has been put in place for there safety and others!! It’s people like this that are making it harder for us all to move forward because clearly, they are too Arrogant and dumb to follow regulations.!!! Businesses can be fined up to 10 k and public £200 if caught not wearing a mask so just pull your big boy and girl pants on and get on with it instead of pulling hard-working people down that are just trying there best to run there businesses and do their jobs !!
IT IS NOW MANDATORY FOR ALL TO WEAR MASKS UNLESS YOU ARE EXEMPT ( medical/ health Condition) then this does not apply to you !!
Stop being keyboard warriors because frankly, you look like childish idiots. GROW UP AND FOLLOW WHAT HAS BEEN ASKED OF US AS A COUNTRY!! GOD Forbid if we were ever to be asked to go to war all these snowflakes would not have a chance because a simple mask-wearing task is to flipping much to ask of them !! NOT A RANT just the truth.
Let’s all try and be happy and positive thinking towards this situation so we can balance of mental state again. We love our job and our customers so we just want to move forward.
Thank you all who are being understanding in these uncertain times and worrying times”
The posting brought a rallying of support not just in Dorset but the message soon went viral with people commenting from as far as Spain and Africa.
A Spanish resident backed up Studley and said: “We have been mandatory since the beginning of July, we don’t have a say over here, you just do it or get fined €100 but so many more police patrolling & we have seen people get fined on the spot for not wearing properly ( nose poking out) you need our police.”
“It’s a clear and hard-hitting message but damn right,” said Roger Gibbons to Global247news from his Sherborne home this morning “It was about time somebody said it and Paul hit the nail on the head,” he said.  Global247News Twitter

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